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Made for you

Growth with integrity for ShuttersUp

How does a small, founder-run business expand without losing the essence of what made it special in the first place? How do you ensure new staff fully embrace your unique culture and deliver to your exacting standards?

How do you formalise an approach that up to now has been innate and instinctive? ShuttersUp, a company that installs plantation shutters for windows and doors came to us to help them define their brand story and express it consistently.

We spent time in their business – learning it from the inside-out. Not only did we spend time with the founders but we talked to all staff. And crucially (with an innate story) we didn’t just talk – we watched, we listened and we got hands on, trying a turn at the shutter fitting process ourselves!

Having observed the ShuttersUp approach we were able to assess it against the competition, pinpointing the exact elements that made it unique – the respectful sell to customers and the skilled bespoke carpentry fitting.

Identifying that this was a business built around people, not shutters, led us to a clear creative proposition; ‘Made for you’. We helped prospective customers connect the product to their individual style and personal passions.

And we made tailoring your shutter order seamless with our simple and elegant website design. Finally, we took this core thought through the entire customer journey – from advertising and brochure-ware to vans, uniform and invoice headers.

ShuttersUp saw a 30% uplift in enquiries in the first 4 months following the launch of this new brand identity.

We have had an increase in enquiries of 30% since launching the new brand identity and sharing the story of ShuttersUp

Ross Evans