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Ethics in motion

Bringing ethics to life for Anthony Collins

Leading law firm Anthony Collins Solicitors specialise in advising charitable and socially-driven organisations. In 2020 they commissioned research to explore the challenges faced by businesses in their efforts to become more ethical, and from their findings, they developed a handbook to share with clients to help attract new business leads. They came to us to help them market this handbook via video.

Our big decision was not to focus on the actual research findings themselves, but to convince businesses of the value of this research in the first place.  We refined the information in the handbook down to a few key take outs and combined these with a narrative explaining the overarching purpose of the report to create an inspiring, encouraging call to action for prospective clients.

Early on we decided to avoid visuals that featured specific people or industries, as Anthony Collins has a broad client base crossing many sectors. However, telling a story that centres on people, connections and emotion without featuring any actual humans is a challenge!

As a result we developed an abstract style that used simple shapes and forms and used motion to embue them with human-like qualities. How do you make a triangle look surprised? How can a circle seem like they’re part of a community? These are the types of creative challenges we enjoyed wrestling with. Our pared-back visual style had the added benefit of distilling the narrative down to its purest, easy to digest form.

This project is a great example of how a clear and strong concept can be executed in a simple, elegant way, yet be very effective. The video has produced great results for Anthony Collins helping them to achieve their targets for reach and engagement, and helping them spread their message of ethical business.