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Unlocking the Power of

Positive Rebranding

We tell our clients the positive impacts of rebranding, and almost a year ago, we looked at our brand and realised it was time we changed things too.

Our old brand had received very positive reviews back in the day: it showcased our work beautifully; it was memorable, and people stayed on our site. But it had started to lose its uniqueness and was looking stylistically tired. Moreover, feedback from the team said that it lacked something to ’ get behind’ , so we started our rebranding strategy.

We also know it couldn’t just be a vanity exercise. We all love a new colour palette and typeface, but this re-brand had to have a positive impact and reflect where the business had come from and be a part of its future success.

It needed to reflect what clients were looking for (not just capabilities, but expertise and credibility). It needed to signal a change in how we do business (internally, and with our clients) and – most importantly – it needed to be relatable and inspiring for our team. They had to not just use it but believe in it, too.

When we started the rebranding process, we already knew (from our work with clients, as well as doing it for ourselves) that rebranding can be invigorating, challenging, divisive and unifying all at the same time. Get it wrong and it can damage the team, put off potential employees and have a negative effect on the business. Done well, it could be an energising and hugely positive moment for the team and our clients.

We had an advantage in that everyone in our creative team knew our business inside out. The temptation was to go through rounds of strategic brand reviews and workshops, clarifying who we are and what we do. But this time around we dived straight in. It turns out that intuition, speaking from the heart and with understanding, was the best tool we used in the whole process.

Not only will our new brand help us stand out in an incredibly crowded market, but it will also “ keep us honest” by positively unifying the team and reminding us of the promises we make to ourselves, and our clients. We’re delighted with the results, and we’ve had great feedback so far.

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